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that is so unnecessary like just sit in the damn chair. there’s even another chair not that far away. how is what you are doing the best option. how is that even comfortable. how

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pros and cons of being friends with me



  • puns
  • free baked goods
  • honest opinions
  • i laugh at everything
  • you’re always the attractive friend
  • i never sleep so i’m always up to talk
  • i don’t judge


  • puns
  • mental instability
  • everything i say is annoying
  • i repeat myself a lot
  • i’m an anxious piece of trash
  • i sing a lot
  • i say so many self depreciating things it’s pathetic
  • mood swings
  • i hardly go out


Ah yes the halloween decorations are up






Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.





whose dog is it?

It’s not a dog it’s a kangaroo

99% sure that’s not a kangaroo


Art is hard and you never cease to learn something new everyday. There is no artist that hasnt encountered a wall, dont turn around, climb it. Believe you can.


my favorite penguin of all the penguins is the Little Blue aka Fairy penguin. just look at these fuzzy blue bastards

and these two who aren’t of the Little Blue variety, but they’re wearing sweaters so I’m pretty much obliged to include them

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when they were prepping me for the surgery the nurse put one of those cloth hats over my head to keep the hair out of my face

she said “here’s your party hat”

and i was already trippin balls so I said 

"yaAAY paaaarty"

and wiggled around on the table like a gleeful slug

i think about this post sometimes and it makes me grin like a dope